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Advanced Blocking 

This online seminar will teach director's prep and how to break down and block a narrative scene.

Next course session: Sunday, March 26 at 11A PST

Length: 2 hours

Format: Zoom Meeting

Cost: $150

Register for this course here.

This course is for all levels of directors from student to working director.

If you are a new director, THE BASICS OF BLOCKING course is recommended.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • Advanced uses of Keynote & Scriptation to prep floor plans and shot lists for narrative directing

  • Creative & effective blocking using the free software Keynote (or powerpoint or slides)

  • Designing creative coverage and filming with single and multiple cameras

  • How to design & block fluid masters, oners and other cinematic shots

  • Approaches to choreograph and block energetic scenes with both actor and camera movement

  • Blocking for action, stunts, dance, musicals and other high energy scene work

  • Creative and efficacious approaches to achieve story and your shooting schedule

For more information, please email

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