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Episode 104: "Nothing But Money Shots"
Airdate: October 11, 2021 (Fox)
Streaming on Hulu


Executive Producers: Liz Heldens & Jason Winer

Writer: Sarah Tapscott

Director: Rachel Raimist

Director of Photography: Tim Gillis

Selected Scenes from the Episode:

Wayne + Neil: "We'll call it the Big Leap!"

They Dance: Monica (ballerina) + Justin (bboy)

The Big Photoshoot: "It's simple... tell her secret."

Sad Mike Dinner Scene: "Mike saved you?"

Neil thinks "The Big Leap is Mine!"

Testimonial game: Meet Nick's daughter Henri

Mike's Joy: "Just Like Heaven" Dance

Cast Promo Shoot: "A tight ass in tights."

Julia "sad Mom" + Raven "the stripper" = Friends?

Mike + Paula kiss

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