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This intensive 3-hour online workshop will do a deep dive into the process of prepping & directing intimacy and simulated sex scenes.

Length: 3 hours

Format: Zoom Meeting

This is an advanced content course but all levels of directors are welcomed to enroll.

This course session has closed.

If you would like to learn the information covered in this course or if you need help prepping to direct relationships, intimacy and sex scenes, please email to schedule a one-on-one coaching session where you can learn blocking

and how to prep your floor plans and shot lists with Keynote. 

In this session, participants will learn:

  • SAG guidelines for intimacy and simulated sex scenes

  • Casting for roles with nudity and simulated sex acts

  • Nudity and consent for actors, body doubles and stunt performers

  • Role of a the intimacy coordinator and collaboration with the director

  • Communication and negotiation with IC and actors for Intimacy riders

  • How to write good emails, communicate action beats and language for the intimacy riders

  • Privacy and safety on set that follows the terms of the rider

  • Ethics, religious beliefs, sexuality & impact of past experiences in life and on set

  • Navigating traumas actors and crew members may bring to this type of work

  • Language for physical actions, body parts and all the things when directing sex

  • Privacy garments - what are they called & what (body parts) do they cover

  • Barrier devices for comfort, safety and performance

  • Creative choreography and ideas for directing simulated sex acts

  • Choreography & communication and floor plans for directing sex scenes

  • How to work with the intimacy coordinator and actors on set

  • Communication with Showrunner and producers in prep and production

  • Zoom Rehearsals versus in person rehearsals and expectations

  • Language for directing actors in scenes with intimate touching and simulated sex acts

  • Privacy of dailies and terms of the intimacy rider that extend through post production

  • Practice exercises with real scenes from scripted television shows

To enroll in this course, please email to express interest.

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