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Filming on the red line
MAVERICKS (docu-series)


Executive Producers: Michael Michelle & Chris Jenkins

Director: Michael Michelle

Producer: Rachel Raimist

Director of Photography: Christina Voros

Visit for more information on this project

Truth To Power, Episodes 101-106


Executive Producers: Keith Clinkscales, Quincy Newell & Mel Capacia Johnson

Show Creators: Soraya Zada & Rachel Raimist

Director: Rachel Raimist

Director of Photography: Alejandro

Truth to Power is a short form, AVOD conversational show hosted by April Reign, creator of #OscarsSoWhite where women have space to speak truth to important contemporary social issues from being Black in Hollywood, the need for mentorship for young women and girls, being entrepreneurial, aging in the entertainment industry and 

Episodes feature Lena Waithe, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Cierra Glaude, LisaRaye McCoy, Elise Neal, Shaun Robinson and Maya Penn. 

Forthcoming on REIGN, a First World Media Company, in 2019

Voices of Muslim Women in the US South (2015)


Producer: Maha Marouan

Co-Producer: Kyerra Dexter

Director: Rachel Raimist

Director of Photography: Jazz Franklin

Editor: Tiffany Reese

When one thinks of the American Deep South, the images of veiled students strolling campus may be last thing that comes to mind. Through interviews with students and faculty at Alabama, this film examines representations and issues of agency by asking: How do Muslim female students carve a space in a culture that thinks of Muslims as terrorists and Muslim women as backward? In a place where football is the bond that ties all-- beyond religion, culture, race and ethnicity, there nothing more quintessentially Southern than Muslim girls in the stadium in their houndstooth scarfs, waving pompoms shouting "Roll Tide!"


Distributed by WOMEN MAKE MOVIES. Purchase the film here:

AEOLIAN (2014)

Producers: Sarah Barry and Rachel Raimist

Directed by Rachel Raimist

Director of Photography: Rachel Raimist

Editor: Rachel Raimist

Aeolian is based on the concepts of organic growth, where organisms tend to take over a space, encroaching on the surroundings, increasing in number. The title means “wind blown” and images of mushroom spores being carried by the wind, or blowing on a dandelion to have the seeds spread to grow new plants elsewhere were also inspirations for group patterns and movements in the choreography. Choreography by Sarah M. Barry.


Nobody Knows My Name (1999)


Producers: Rachel Raimist & Rosie Wong

Director: Rachel Raimist

Editor: Christine Kim

NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME tells the story of women who are connected by their love for hip-hop music. Despite the fact that these talented female artists exist within a culture that revolves around self-expression, the subjects of Raimist’s documentary must struggle to be heard. 

Asia One has found a niche as an organizer of the B-Boy Summit, but longs for a sense of female community. DJ Symphony is the sole female member of the The World Famous Beat Junkies. Leaschea lives a turbulent life, even though she has been signed by a major label. Lisa married into the hip-hop lifestyle, and now raises a hip-hop family. Medusa is the successful queen of the L.A. hip-hop underground. T-Love, an ex-Cripette, hopes her creative talents will help her change her lifestyle. 




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