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Dr. Rachel Raimist is an award-winning filmmaker who works primarily in episodic television.

She is most drawn to character stories that center messy families. From comedy to drama with a dash of science fiction, action and fantasy, if there is a complicated, layered and ultimately redeemable woman at the heart of the story mixed with a dash of hope, Raimist would love to consider directing it.


Raimist most recently directed THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES (Disney+) and the pilot for WILD LIFE for HBO Max, produced by Imagine Entertainment and Jax Media. She has also directed episodes of CSI: LAS VEGAS (CBS), the finale block of UP HERE (Hulu),  WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA (Hulu),  THE BIG LEAP (FOX), FANTASY ISLAND (FOX)DIARY OF A FUTURE PRESIDENT (Disney+),  4400 (CW), a block of episodes of THE REPUBLIC OF SARAH (110 and 111), three episodes (208, 305 and 306) of ROSWELL NEW MEXICO (CW), and 120 (now episode 203, thanks Covid) of NANCY DREW (The CW). 


Raimist was invited to join the Director's Guild of America (DGA) when she was named a season 3 director of QUEEN SUGAR, the award-winning episodic television show produced by Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey (OWN) after directing episode 311, "Your Pass ages Have Been Paid" and then OWN invited her to direct episode 402 "Did I Lose You?" of GREENLEAF.

Raimist serves a leader at the Directors Guild of America. In 2023, she was selected by DGA President Lesli Linka Glatter to serve as the Co-Chair of the new provisional Disability Committee at the DGA. In 2020, she selected by DGA President Tommy Schlamme to serve on the SPECIAL PROJECTS committee. She currently also serves on the leadership team of the DGA WSC Squad, a peer-to-peer mentorship program for women directors and. She has also served previous terms as Alt Co-Chair and Membership and Outreach Coordinator of the LATINO COMMITTEE and as the Activities and Events Co-coordinator for the WOMEN'S STEERING COMMITTEE.

Her passion is making the industry inclusive and accessible so she started teaching craft and career courses via zoom. This low-cost film school is open to all. Check out THE PEOPLES FILM SCHOOL.


Raimist was once a tenured associate professor at the University of Alabama where she taught media production in the Department of Journalism and Creative Media. She has taught screenwriting, videography, directing, professional development, television industry, a PA bootcamp workshop, documentary courses as well as the travel-study courses, "C&IS in LA" and "JCM at Sundance," which are immersive industry-focused travel courses. She left her tenured position in 2019 to direct TV.

While teaching at Alabama, she partnered with Red Mountain Entertainment and the City of Tuscaloosa in 2011, where she developed a live events video production internship program at The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. She trained, staffed and managed the Imag big screen video crew, staffed by all undergraduate students who "ran the show" for major touring acts including Luke Bryan, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, The Old School Tour, ZZ Top, The Avett Brothers and many more. In 2014, Raimist and her crew were awarded the Venue Education Award at the Venue Connect Conference.

For six years, Raimist also served as Co-Director of UA's Creative Campus, an arts advocacy organization that supports student interns to build arts focused projects and events. Events such as the Black Warrior Film Festival were created as part of this faculty-led, student centered program.

Raimist served as faculty for the fall 2017 term on Semester at Sea's floating campus where she taught courses on global cinema, digital photography and women's literature. On this voyage she visited and taught field classes and led programs on four continents, in ten countries and thirteen cities in Germany, Spain, Ghana, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, China and Japan. Additionally her scholarship and production work has taken her to Nigeria, Mexico, England, Norway, Chile, Argentina and France. She believes that travel is a must for understanding justice and community in today's globalized world.


Raimist has also served as the Academic Director of Elon University in Los Angeles and is an associate professor of cinema and television. She has also taught for New York University's Los Angeles Program, Temple University Study Away in LA program, Syracuse University in Los Angeles (SULA), Elon University's Semester in Los Angeles and for San Jose State University (online). She has also taught directing for the SUNDANCE MAKERS LAB and is a mentor for the STOWE STORY LAB.

In 1999 the Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota named the department's media center as The Rachel Raimist Feminist Media Center. She holds a Ph.D. in Feminist Studies from the University of Minnesota. Raimist also earned a B.A. in 1995 and a M.F.A. in 1999 in Directing from the UCLA School of Film and Television, and a M.A. in Women's Studies from the University of Minnesota in 1995.

Raimist’s award-winning films have screened at festivals such as South By Southwest, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, San Jose Cinequest, and Women in the Director’s Chair, and on national and international television outlets and are housed in libraries on every major campus in the US.


Raimist has been a proud member of the Crunk Feminist Collective since 2010. The Crunks are an amazing collective of feminist activists, scholars, artists, and visionaries with very passionate fans. Visit the Crunk Feminist Collective on our blog, on our facebook page and check out the CFC book: The Crunk Feminist Collection.

"It is necessary for me to always keep in mind that one cannot really

theorize about film, but only with film." -Trinh T. Minh-ha, Framer Framed


RACHELMAKESMOVIES is an homage to my favorite distributor WOMENMAKEMOVIES.

They were the first distributors to believe in me and share my work with the world.

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